Conversaciones (en inglés) con Ana Botella

I am aware that the scadel
for the following days it’s quite ti.
I also hope that you will have the oportuniti
to enjoy some of the museuns,restorans,
and woll known nit live of this city.
But *** plis, do not hesiteit to tolk and minted gui the madrileños,
they are, without any douds, the best asset that this city has to offer.
Thankiu verimach and weljome to Madrid.

Ok missis alcaldesa de Madrid Ana Botella,
thankiu verimach to yu for representing us in this special moment,
we have any douds that wit your help
Madrid can be elevated to de level of the best capitals of Europe.

No, really,
we don’t believe that we can affor more faraonic projects in Espain
but seeing you doing the ridicule in front of that much people
give to us such a big oportunity to understán
the level of ignorance and lack of formation that the politics have in this contry.
You and your clolleages don’t engañáis us
with all your suits, expensive ties,
hairspray, expensive jeguelery
and smiling faces,
¡you are the fuckin national embarrassment!
You have been nine years in the city council,
one like mayor,
and hadn’t you had time to learn english?
Bah. I andestand,
we have spanish languaje that it is very much important
to comunicate with ours partners in iurop.

In the other hand
if we, like society,
are unable to ask to our gobernants
to learn inglish to be able to gobernate
and comunicate out of ouers frontiers,
meibie we are failing like society.

Thank you for listening to me.
With no love.
Poeta Miyoto Cado


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